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Support level: authentik

What is GitLab



GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. This makes GitLab unique and makes Concurrent DevOps possible, unlocking your organization from the constraints of a pieced together toolchain. Join us for a live Q&A to learn how GitLab can give you unmatched visibility and higher levels of efficiency in a single application across the DevOps lifecycle.


The following placeholders will be used:

  • is the FQDN of the GitLab Install
  • is the FQDN of the authentik Install

Create an application in authentik and note the slug, as this will be used later. Create a SAML provider with the following parameters:

  • ACS URL:
  • Audience:
  • Issuer:
  • Binding: Redirect

Under Advanced protocol settings, set a certificate for Signing Certificate.

GitLab Configuration

Paste the following block in your gitlab.rb file, after replacing the placeholder values from above. The file is located in /etc/gitlab. To get the value for idp_cert_fingerprint, go to the Certificate list under Identity & Cryptography, and expand the selected certificate.

gitlab_rails['omniauth_enabled'] = true
gitlab_rails['omniauth_allow_single_sign_on'] = ['saml']
gitlab_rails['omniauth_sync_email_from_provider'] = 'saml'
gitlab_rails['omniauth_sync_profile_from_provider'] = ['saml']
gitlab_rails['omniauth_sync_profile_attributes'] = ['email']
gitlab_rails['omniauth_auto_sign_in_with_provider'] = 'saml'
gitlab_rails['omniauth_block_auto_created_users'] = false
gitlab_rails['omniauth_auto_link_saml_user'] = true
gitlab_rails['omniauth_providers'] = [
name: 'saml',
args: {
assertion_consumer_service_url: '',
# Shown when navigating to certificates in authentik
idp_cert_fingerprint: '4E:1E:CD:67:4A:67:5A:E9:6A:D0:3C:E6:DD:7A:F2:44:2E:76:00:6A',
idp_sso_target_url: '<authentik application slug>/sso/binding/redirect/',
issuer: '',
name_identifier_format: 'urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress',
attribute_statements: {
email: [''],
first_name: [''],
nickname: ['']
label: 'authentik'

Afterwards, either run gitlab-ctl reconfigure if you're running GitLab Omnibus, or restart the container if you're using the container.